Strategy accelerators designed to take the guesswork out of what delivery teams need to do to execute and deliver desired business outcomes
Take the guesswork out of what delivery teams need to do to execute and deliver desired business outcomes.
Modern Data Platform and Analytics Accelerator
Execution-focused data and analytics blueprint that provides the people, process, and technology definition and roadmap required to build and sustain the modern data foundations that will power your digital strategy
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Cloud Migration and App Modernization Accelerator
Accelerate your cloud journey by delivering an actionable, business-value driven cloud migration and application modernization roadmap with cost-benefit analysis and value quantification
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Intelligent Automation Workshop
Discover how your business can best leverage Intelligent Automation through the rapid discovery of use cases with the highest benefit from the adoption of automation technology
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Optimizing Design Sprints and DevOps Accelerator
Make teams perform better together by optimizing UX design, SDLC, and DevOps adoption to produce successful and rapid innovation
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Digital Strategy Accelerator
Build a prioritized roadmap of digital initiatives based on desired business outcomes, organization alignment, an optimized operating model with knowledge of gaps and enablers across people, process, and technology needed to succeed
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Proof of Value Accelerator
Allow business teams to assess whether a product or service provides enough value to the business, its customers, and ecosystem partners to bring to market
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Applying technology at the speed of innovation has become a priority for every business. No matter your industry, you need a rock-solid digital strategy to ensure your organization keeps pace with your customers' expectations.
Each industry vertical has its unique nuances. Industry expertise is critical to ensuring you meet your customer where they are and you take advantage of those precious moments of influence.
Integrated care delivery and consumer healthcare experience are driving payers and providers to focus on data interoperability, consumer analytics, automation, exchange of actionable insights and intelligent next best actions at the time of care.
Technology is already disrupting the insurance industry. Modern data platforms, machine learning, intelligent automation, APIs and content management are driving the shift in the way the insurance industry approaches its business and customers.
From brick and mortar to e-commerce to augmented reality and 3D, Productive Edge explores every avenue where technology is a turning point for the retail industry. Discover what’s trending and why it is necessary for your success.