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Productive Edge: Pioneering Revolutionary mHealth Applications

Over the past few years a new revolution has been brewing in the healthcare industry around Mobile health, or mHealth, technology.. Productive Edge has played an important role in mHealth by pioneering the technology behind behavioral change applications. We were also among the first to build custom integrations with Apple's HealthKit, Fitbit and Apple Watch (to name a few) for a variety of Fortune 500 Healthcare industry clients. We were also the very first company to integrate with Garmin to pull activity data, working alongside their development team on the API of what is now one of the world’s most popular fitness tracking devices.

mHealth Apps for iOS and Android

Productive Edge had already been building advanced health assessment survey applications for a variety of home, health, life insurance and wellness clients years before Apple announced ResearchKit in 2015 and CareKit in 2016. However, ResearchKit and CareKit only provide a framework for building front-end apps running on iOS.

Our experience building similar front-end apps for Android gives our clients the important advantage of being able to support their mHealth initiatives on Android devices as well.

mHealth Apps for Connected Medical and Fitness Devices

Creating life-changing health and fitness apps means going beyond the smartphone to deliver a consistent and meaningful experience across multiple devices. From Fitbit to the Apple Watch, and even connected glucometers and blood pressure monitors - Productive Edge has deep expertise in developing sophisticated mHealth apps integrated with a variety of connected devices. Talk with our team to take your mHealth app to the next level with connected medical and fitness device integration.

Prioritizing User Privacy and Security

We believe user privacy and the security of user health records and related information must be the number one priority in mHealth development. HIPAA compliance and certification is strictly enforced throughout our entire organization and data encryption is a key specialty area for our experienced engineering staff.

Our mHealth Data Encryption Techniques

We are experts in managing highly sensitive medical records and user activity data on mobile devices. Our experience with HIPAA requirements and advanced data encryption uniquely positions our firm to handle the ambitious mHealth initiatives in the world. Not only is every staff member of Productive Edge HIPAA certified, but our security review process repeatedly provides checkpoints in our work to ensure vulnerabilities do not make it through to your final product.

Our Approach to Cloud Server Integration

The most complicated component of any mHeath application is the cloud server application and ResearchKit does not provide any functionality in this regard. On iOS, Apple does an amazing job of securely storing information within the Health app but transmitting that information between your company's app and the Health app or your cloud application requires the greatest care and attention. Fortunately, Productive Edge has been building complex HIPAA compliant cloud applications for accessory data integration, health survey and assessment, health activity tracking, rewards-based health improvement initiatives and analysis for over 5 years.

Contact our mHealth experts today to learn how we can take your company's next mHealth initiative far beyond the capabilities of HealthKit ResearchKit, CareKit along with full cloud application capabilities, Android support and HIPAA-compliant data management. We look forward to pioneering this exciting and dynamically changing space with your company today.

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