Smart Services
Exceptional execution and personalized, proactive services to deliver customer value
Delivering Smart Services
Internet of Things

Traditional service models are reactive, difficult to deliver consistently, and cannot generate the additional revenue that forward-looking product companies seek now. But smart services can help. Here’s how: Smart services offer new kinds of intelligent, proactive and personalized actions -- actions for which customers are willing to pay significantly more. Simplification, personalization and proactivity are worth a great deal in today’s business environment.

So it’s no mystery why virtually every product organization is looking for ways to grow the aftermarket services portion of their business. In verticals as diverse as appliances, home electronics, industrial machines, automobiles, mobile phone technologies and IT hardware, companies are expanding their offerings to include aftermarket services like break-fix repairs, hardware installation and (increasingly) software upgrades, reconditioning existing equipment, day-to-day maintenance (proactive and reactive), and technical support, consulting and training.

They know, too, that there is more than one strategic route they can take with these services, including new service-focused business models, tiered offerings with tiered pricing structures, subscription-based offerings and pay-per-outcome models.

Challenges this eBook answers
  • Truly knowing the customer

  • Working together within the enterprise

  • Reducing cost, time, and mostly importantly, risk

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