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Mobility is now a fundamental digital channel for any successful business, and consumers have higher expectations of their providers’ mobile apps than ever before. Offering a native app is no longer an advantage, it’s a requirement. However, native apps are only as effective as their development and management strategies. As experts in both traditional native and Xamarin cross-platform native, our team is uniquely positioned to ensure your mobile strategy aligns to the expectations of your consumers.

Our Service Offerings
Free Offer - Excel in Delivering Mobile Product Innovations Briefing

Is your organization struggling with rapidly converting business needs into engaging mobile experiences? You are not alone! Productive Edge brings years of experience and best practices to you in a four-hour workshop. Through this briefing, you will gain a holistic understanding of the key areas of focus that can help you and your team deliver rapid differentiation through mobile experience.

This free 4 hour briefing consists of:
  • How to channel customer feedback into product / service blueprint
  • Using DevOps to drive efficiencies
  • An organization structure built for rapid innovation
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Mobile and IoT Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation isn’t about just taking an analog process and bringing it to your smartphone; it’s about using the digital world to differentiate your business. Productive Edge will not only assess how to deliver your current business in a digital experience, but how you can create completely new offerings and experiences to your customers through the power of IoT and native applications.

This 2-week workshop consists of:
  • Unlock new capabilities to your business, whether these be a new way of delivering a formerly “time-tested” operation, or discovering completely new product & service offerings
  • Gain a roadmap to deliver complex IoT projects. We’ll outline the ways to immediately begin unlocking value, not waiting years for a massively complex solution to maybe prove a ROI
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Native and Xamarin Mobile Development

Our team is uniquely positioned to evaluate your mobile technology choices. Productive Edge’s team was rooted in native mobile app development (Swift, Obj-C, Android Java, Kotlin) well before Xamarin reached its level of maturity as a platform. As Xamarin.Forms was enhanced to offer unmatched performance while maintaining code sharing, our team adopted it on a majority of enterprise applications. With the additional years of experience and skill sets, our team possesses an edge in choosing the right technology for your product.

Service Benefits & Outcomes:
  • We understand native. Whether building traditional native or using cross-platform technologies like ReactNative, Flutter, Xamarin, or Xamarin.Forms, Productive Edge can advise on the best path forward for your business and product needs
  • Work with a team recognized as one of the world’s 12 Elite Xamarin Partners, and a finalist for Mobile Partner of the Year by Microsoft
Mobile UX Strategy

Great design is the difference between a mediocre app experience and a great one. Whether we collaborate closely with your own creative team, or produce personalized designs that fit your unique audience, our goal at Productive Edge is to improve your applications overall experience while increasing engagement.

  • Through our customized research, we are able to fully decipher your organizational ecosystem and align on strategic efforts
  • We also gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviors, motivations, needs, and environmental contexts as well as how your product or service plays a part in their life. We then use those insights towards creating tailored solutions
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Mobile Product Assessments & Prototyping

Before a single line of code is written, our design team will use the latest tools in rapid prototyping to bring your app to life on device and in your hands. From there we take it direct to users through our UX research team. Iterating on touch prototypes before programming commences allow us to cycle through user feedback to perfection in weeks rather than months.

  • Try before you buy! Reduce costs in refining your product before it goes to development
  • Cloud-based user experience research offerings to gather feedback against prototype, at a minimal cost
  • Gather real customer feedback against your product, adding assurance that what will build exceeds customer demands
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Seven out of eight enterprises fail at digital transformation, with the rates even higher in mobile and IoT initiatives. Either they haven’t delivered the right solution, or they fail to sufficiently differentiate from their competition.

To avoid one of the core failures in digital transformation, it is vital that organizations fully recognize all risks and challenges up front. Transformations should start by defining expected outcomes to form the basis for reimagined customer journeys. This is followed by customer research, solution hypotheses, and validation through prototypes before choosing the right technical approach to deliver improvements.

While pursuing the time savings and cost benefits of cross-platform mobile development, your team may have had experiences that didn't meet their expectations, or they've heard of similar challenges experienced by others.

To effectively reap the immense benefits of cross-platform mobile development, you'll need to reimagine the approaches you've used to build traditional mobile apps. Microsoft recognizes Productive Edge as one of 12 Xamarin Elite Partners in the world, and our mobile work has earned us global awards. Our experience and achievements uniquely position us to help you and your team leverage the most modern mobile delivery techniques.

Our Work

Development of enterprise Xamarin application for a Fortune 500 Healthcare organization that completely automated outdated, manual processes to allow caregivers to provide more effective care and documentation of each patient.

The application features dynamic geo-fencing technology, GPS integration for directions and makes uses of native features such as the camera for document capture, touch screen for signature and TouchID for security. This engagement was named a finalist for Microsoft 2017 Mobile Partner engagement of the year.

Transforming patient and caregiver experiences
Applying IoT Technology
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Enabling Mobility Technology
Cross-platform, enterprise-ready native development platform to power experiences across all mobile devices
Delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and higher level application building blocks over the Internet (“the cloud”)
Customer Experience (CX)
Product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship
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