Marketing Transformation
Revolutionizing digital marketing to enhance customer engagement

The digital-first mindset requires marketers to be at the forefront of customer engagement, strategy, and execution while continually pushing the boundaries of the traditional definition of marketing. Digital marketers must carry broad-ranging responsibilities, including being skilled at communication, aligning business strategy to marketing tactics, and technology.

Our Service Offerings
Context Marketing Workshop

The context marketing workshop is tailored to get you up and running with an execution plan and a roadmap.

This two-week engagement focuses on:
  • Conducting initial stakeholder interviews
  • Aligning business and marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics
  • Determining key attributes needed to create a single view of the customer
  • Discussion on potential AI use cases in your business
  • Translating tactics to specific configurations in underlying technology platforms to provide real-time, contextual customer experiences on any channel
Content Personalization with Machine Learning Proof of Concept

A revolution is underway. Due mainly to the automation of data science tasks, people with little data science experience, like analysts and software engineers, are beginning to surpass data scientists in regards to the amount of advanced analysis they produce and the value derived from it.

Productive Edge is leveraging technology from DataRobot to help organizations take on high-impact machine learning initiatives in the digital marketing space.

The two weeks Proof of Concept will take interaction data from the digital experience platform to personalize next best content for a given user.

This Proof of Concept consists of:
  • Defining personalization use case
  • Collecting and massaging relevant data
  • Building an Automated Machine Learning Model to suggest next best action
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Content Strategy Workshop

The content strategy workshop is tailored to get you up and running with an execution plan and a roadmap.

This two-week engagement focuses on:
  • Conducting initial stakeholder interviews
  • Assessing your content against your communications’ objectives, identifying gaps, understanding what content you have and where it is located, and determining criteria to use in evaluating content
  • Aligning on communication objectives, strategies, and tactics
  • Working through content strategy exercises including, but not limited to: empathy mapping, key statement identification, mad libs, customer content and bubbles
  • Translating outcomes of exercises and interviews to a language board and a content workbook as well as creating a prioritized roadmap for customer-focused, content creation
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Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

The customer journey mapping mini-engagement is tailored to get you up and running with an execution plan and a roadmap.

This four-week engagement focuses on:
  • Hypothesis journey mapping activity
  • Conducting initial stakeholder interviews and remote customer interviews
  • Aligning on business objectives, strategies, and tactics along with customer needs, behaviors, and goals
  • Creating an evidence-based user journey map to identify customer pain points throughout the process
  • Translating pain points to prioritized tactics to align product or service to customer needs and business goals
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How can I create digital marketing strategies that are aligned with business goals? How should we develop a digital customer experience strategy and capability roadmap that can be shared with the organization to get funding and buy-in?

Consult and collaborate with functional business leads and marketing leads by spearheading strategy workshops that dive into functional business goals, their alignment with desired customer behavior, and actions that will achieve those goals. These workshops can also focus on reimagining customer journeys, operating model definition, and content strategies.

How can I create a shared understanding of the customer journey that maps across organization silos?

Conduct customer research, tap into the voice of customer feedback, access survey responses, get feedback from the channel and speak with front-line field and customer service teams. There are many ways to understand the current customer journey. UX practices can be applied to crafting the current understanding of the customer journey and reimagining new journeys there.

How and when should I develop a content strategy and processes including content creation, content management, and governance to ensure seamless execution?

Define content governance process where content is accessible, usable, up-to-date, error-free, and relevant before it is published.

How can I educate and continually align organization expectations around digital marketing initiatives and outcomes?

Create organizational communication plans and dissemination strategies to ensure everyone understands the goals, initiatives, priorities, roadmaps, and updated results.

How do I continually prioritize investment in the right technologies and programs that will allow us to execute our digital marketing strategies effectively and deliver desired business outcomes?

Create a partner strategy with IT in the areas of Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), Customer 360, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Application Integration, Marketing Automation, and CRM, to name a few. Create a view that shows how investments in technology and programs tie back to customer experience enhancements and desired business outcomes.

At Productive Edge, we complement digital marketers with holistic services that aid in executing digital marketing strategies. Our digital marketing toolkit covers a variety of needs, including running or facilitating customer focused UX workshops; establishing content governance processes; providing insights on organizational roles and responsibilities, communication, enterprise Digital Experience Platforms, and how to infuse machine learning into experiences.

Our Work

Analysis of current vs ideal user experience workflows for major cruise line. Personalization based on specific age groups and demographics created effective marketing because of the difference in booking habits.

Dynamic content management, targeted audiences, personalization and consumer data drastically changed the outlook and future changes for IT and marketing. Client can make more intelligent decisions backed in data to attract and interact with customers.

Cruising to new levels with personalization
Enabling Digital Marketing Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Technology that makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs, learn, reason and perform human-like tasks
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Delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and higher level application building blocks over the Internet (“the cloud”)
Magnolia CMS
Using a powerful, flexible, and extendable enterprise platform built for both technical and business users. You can create timely, relevant, and consistent interactions with your customers
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Customer Experience (CX)
Product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship
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Sitecore DXP
Most powerful enterprise web content management and multichannel marketing automation software
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Cross-platform, enterprise-ready native mobile development platform to power experiences across all mobile devices
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