Intelligent Automation
Transforming the customer experience

Intelligent Automation has the capability to not only automate manual processes but to completely advance them, as well. By creating immediate direct benefits, like lower expenses and shorter time cycles, Intelligent Automation contributes to larger, enterprise-level advantages. Customers have improved interactions, and management can redirect personnel to more strategic functions. Overall, enterprises will achieve competitive advantage, improved customer experience, and immediate ROI.

Our Service Offerings
Free Offer: Intelligent Automation 101

A FREE 4 hour jumpstart session with an experienced Automation Solution Consultant to discuss, and review how Intelligent Automation is being applied in enterprises.

This free 4 hour session consists of:
  • Overview on best-of-breed Intelligent Automation technologies and how they are being applied in enterprises and verticals
  • Delivering ROI: a discussion on leveraging Intelligent Automation for Operational Efficiencies as well as Revenue Generation
  • Example use cases, including a discussion on how to identify the best Intelligent Automation use cases for your business
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Organizational Strategic Assessment

Our team completes a total analysis and evaluation of your organization’s process efficiency, Intelligent Automation needs, and potential AI capabilities.

This engagement helps the organization visualize the entire Intelligent Automation potential and process.

This one to two week engagement consists of:
  • Increases organizations’ understandings on how to implement Intelligent Automation or RPA across their company
  • Identifies opportunities that reduce internal friction, such as barriers to adoption, and allows for faster adoption of technology
  • Discerns organizational maturity across Intelligent Automation and RPA to leverage existing capabilities or develop planned capabilities
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Center of Excellence and Strategy Creation

Our team assists your organization with creating the necessary framework and structures to successfully implement Intelligent Automation. We will advise on roles, evaluation and approval processes, and success metrics.

This in-depth assessment of organizational structure lays the necessary groundwork that Intelligent Automation needs to excel.

This assessment consists of:
  • Provides tools needed to assess processes for automation
  • Establishes and tracks ROI on automation projects
  • Allows organizations to create infrastructure, even without deep knowledge in the area
  • Empowers organizations to create scalable and adaptable foundations for continued success
  • Gives enterprises the capability to answer the most critical questions, such as “What should we automate? How should we automate it? What is the cost and ROI?”
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Intelligent Automation Book of Work

By leveraging your current SMEs, our team identifies opportunities and evaluates business cases for feasibility and effectiveness of automation in your organization. By mapping problems and objectives to potential outcomes from Intelligent Automation, we help you identify real issues and palpable benefits from implementation.

During this thorough analysis, we will build out use case opportunities, construct high-level assessments, and examine realistic Intelligent Automation applications.

This engagement consists of:
  • Provide valuable insights into where and how to start a Intelligent Automation project
  • Deliver a framework for identifying and continuing to build use case library
  • Supply possible challenges and objectives to potential outcomes
  • Contribute overarching insights into the spectrum of opportunities and business cases for the enterprise
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Business Case Evaluation and Implementation

Our team partners with you to select the best use case to implement, conducts a deep dive, and creates detailed process documentation before testing and fully deploying.

This engagement consists of:
  • Common agreement from your organization on best practice processes to utilize and further build upon
  • Confidence in knowing the correct business case was chosen and will bring positive results
  • Fast and quantifiable ROI that provides a distinct competitive advantage
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Organizations struggle to cut high operational costs due to time-consuming tasks and error-prone processes, often resulting in an increased need for further alterations and labor.

Intelligent Automation provides highly efficient processes on multi-dimensional data sets and greatly reduces errors associated with repetitive manual labor, reducing overhead, expenses, and delays.

Enterprises look for solutions to speed up current legacy systems, which often see slow operating processes, with outdated infrastructures and inefficient time-to-completion rates. Further, these archaic systems don’t integrate well together, requiring more labor and complicated modifications.

By automating even the most complex tasks, like extracting decision-making data from documents, Intelligent Automation redefines processes with the use of completely new toolsets, taking data from one system and entering it into another without any modifications necessary.

Many companies aim, but often falter, to scale operations to meet increasing demands while still keeping up with peak times and meeting customer expectations.

Intelligent Automation utilizes AI to execute tasks, make decisions, and interact with users and customers without human involvement, allowing the expansion of organizations without adding headcount.

Organizations aim to improve slow, clunky customer experiences brought on by a high volume of current data growth. The complex and difficult customer experience often affects overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Utilizing chatbots and other sources of AI, Intelligent Automation provides a more seamless experience for the customer by reducing friction and improving turnaround times.

Tech Guide
Smart Approach to Intelligent Automation
See how companies are leveraging Intelligent Automation technologies to save time, cut operational costs, and increase revenue per employee
Our Work

We created an efficient future-state design with RPA as well as a cognitive algorithm from historical data which standardized drug names and doctor directions. We regularly met with the client as we enhanced our algorithm to present metrics and gather feedback for improvement.

Reduced turnaround time of prescription delivery and increased prescription accuracy is necessary to improve patient satisfaction. With human users working the queue, it cannot be ensured that improvement will be seen. The process must be made more efficient and uniform, and no two users work the same.

Enhancing prescription validation with Intelligent Automation
Enabling Intelligence Automation Technology
Intelligent Automation
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