Immersive Experiences
Enhancing customer experiences with lifelike immersive technology

Experiential and immersive solutions revolve around the idea of bringing people into a new reality that feels as life-like as the reality in which they are living. A large number of enterprises want to utilize virtual reality and augmented reality for enhancing experiences. Enterprise utilization of these experiences requires the entire process: discovery, designing, implementation, and support, all of which Productive Edge provides.

Our Service Offerings
Free Offer: Immersive Experience 101

If you are considering taking your customer engagement to the next level, then this free briefing is for you.

This free four hour briefing consists of:
  • An overview of immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality
  • Use cases for delivering engaging and immersive experiences for your industry
  • Discussion on potential use cases you can get started with in the short term
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Immersive Experience Strategy & Design

Through this strategy and design engagement, Productive Edge does a complete exploration into the area of the future immersive experience, flow of traffic, and the feasibility of options. Productive Edge also designs several experiences based on the given requirements and discusses the possibilities with the client, eventually landing on one final experience.

This engagement consists of:
  • Establishing business goals and clear understanding what a successful outcome would be
  • Carrying out user research and mapping the customer journey
  • Alignment on project design, plan, and deliverable dates
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Education facilities often struggle to retain the attention and engagement from students, often leading to decreased retention and lower understanding.

Employing VR or AR to assist in educating students can make learning a lot more interesting, bringing students into the world of the topic they are actually studying.

When training employees and personnel, training often falls short because it cannot provide the actual situations that users will experience, whether it’s because of money, distance, or dangerous situations.

Virtual and Augmented Reality allow users to train and experience a situation, without the real-life risks or consequences of that situation. Examples include training doctors how to operate correctly, pilots how to best fly a plane, and many others.

Customer engagement is something that many modern-day consumers expect, but enterprises often do not know how to provide an experience that applies to and engages the customer.

Utilizing VR and AR improves the customer’s journey by providing a unique and realistic experience that other enterprises cannot provide. Customers have a fun and enhanced experience while companies gain brand loyalty

Our Work

Now more than ever, the sports’ industry is faced with an uphill battle of finding ways to entice fans to actually attend games. The rise of technology has made it exponentially easier to view sporting events from the comfort of home in perfect 4K quality, as well as through mobile apps and tablets in whatever location you please, making it difficult for brick-and-mortar locations to compete. Though applications and high quality television provide a detailed view, the feelings of being near the ice as an active participant are completely lost. Our client wanted to create an experience that fans could not have while watching the game at home.

Collaborating with the organization, our team merged the digital and physical elements of hockey to create an immersive experience for fans with mixed reality technology. Utilizing full 360º VR, including a headset, hockey stick, and hockey gloves, participants are able to look around the stadium to see a crowd as they shoot goals.

Bringing sport to life with immersive technologies
Enabling Immersive Experience Technology
Mixed Reality
Merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time
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Cross-platform, enterprise-ready native mobile development platform to power experiences across all mobile devices
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Customer Experience (CX)
Product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship
Microsoft HoloLens
First self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you
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