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Through our evolution, our recognition and awards have proven that we actively work to make the lives of our clients, and employees, better

Over the past decade, we’ve expanded from a Chicago-based startup to a global company that has been awarded for our innovation, culture and growth. Particularly important, though, has been our evolution from a leading technology services firm to an experience company powered by technology. We’re proud of how far we’ve come as well as the recognition and awards that we have received in the process.

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Case Study
Cruising to New Limits with CMS Personalization

Although the cruise industry is very cutting-edge for its vertical, we found numerous gaps in the customer journey that could potentially impact the experience. We also found booking experience issues (across the industry) that decreased the chances of consumers finalizing their purchase. Ultimately, these gaps need to be continually analyzed to ensure the experience is optimized, resulting in increased business.

What we found, although basic on the surface, was tied to personalization to specific age groups and demographics. Persona development is a huge component to effective marketing and experience design. A booking journey for a young adult is drastically different than a booking journey for a retired couple. The way information is presented, the approach to retargeting, the incentives and offers, are all different.

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This is where the status quo has no meaning. It's a place where ideas abound and tomorrow's possibilities are today's reality. We work hard, play hard, and relentlessly seek ways to make better happen.
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