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Understanding Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology underpinning Bitcoin, and its implications are wide-reaching. It’s essentially a distributed ledger allowing members of a network to exchange items of value instantaneously through secure transactions anytime and anywhere in the world.

Understanding Blockchain

The Benefits of Blockchain for Businesses

We’re taking blockchain outside the realm of finance and exploring its wider implications for businesses. Through this revolutionary technology, companies are realizing the potential to challenge conventional constraints of carrying out tasks, both internally and externally.

Streamline internal processes

Streamline internal processes

Blockchain technology streamlines any process involving an exchange of value by...

  • Eliminating the need for intermediaries
  • Providing real-time updates
  • Increasing transparency
  • Establishing accountability

In the process of approving or verifying completion of tasks (including contract signing, document verification, monetary transactions, etc.), blockchain’s secure network facilitates the exchange of transactional information and serves as a central source of truth that would otherwise be facilitated by organizations like banks, insurers and the like. It can automatically notify all interested parties the moment a task is completed.

Enhance the customer experience

Enhance the customer experience

Blockchain technology enables companies to accomplish time consuming tasks, such as...

  • Contract approvals
  • Transaction verification
  • Stock replenishment
  • Identity and asset management

...all instantaneously, saving customers time and delivering a consistent omnichannel experience. A retailer can automatically trigger the purchase of a product once it has left its shelf, without having to involve the help of employees in the stock monitoring and ordering process, to ensure that an advertised product is available to customers. A health insurance provider can automatically and securely distribute health information through blockchain technology to doctors and pharmacies as soon as the patient’s connected devices indicate cause for concern.

Blockchain Use Cases



Retailers must implement market-responsive, multi-channel supply chain management strategies to remain competitive. This requires managing a distributed team, in multiple departments and multiple locations. Making any one change to product selection involves multiple processes, including:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Distributing
  • Marketing

Through the use of blockchain technology, leveraging smart contracts as a central source of truth, retailers can streamline processes involving these distributed teams and become more agile and responsive to market trends. When a new opportunity arises, leadership can use blockchain technology to notify members of these distributed teams and start the appropriate processes immediately. They can even connect devices to the blockchain to ensure task execution.



Musicians face a myriad of challenges today as digital assets become harder and harder to control. It is nearly impossible to ensure that artists and producers are paid for all potential applications of their work, including:

  • Personal use, through services like YouTube, iTunes or Google Play
  • Movie soundtracks
  • Streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora or Apple Radio

Through the use of smart contracts, blockchain technology can ensure musicians are compensated for their work. Musicians can leverage blockchain to place parameters around the use of their products, designating the cost of each use case. Should a movie producer decide to use the song in a film soundtrack, the producer would pay a predetermined amount for use according to the smart contract. The funds would then be distributed to the artist and all contributing parties according to the contract’s conditions.

Our Blockchain Services

Data Security & Identity Management

Data Security & Identity Management

Leverage advanced encryption techniques to manage sensitive personal data through anonymization, multi-factor authentication and data analysis
Accessibility & Distributed Validation

Accessibility & Distributed Validation

Execute smart contracts, manage assets and make them accessible to all interested parties leveraging platforms such as Ethereum and Rootstock
Asset Security & Fraud Detection

Asset Security & Fraud Detection

Create accountability among members of your business network through a series of checkpoints in the transaction verification process

Productive Edge Blockchain Enablement

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Our Methodology: Practical Agile

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Analysis & Hypotheses UX Concepting & Design Rapid Build & Touch Metrics & Insights

Analysis & Hypotheses


Devise testable assertions and experiments by combining top-down, judgment-driven evaluations with bottom-up, data-driven insights.

Best practices

  • Stakeholder / SME interviews
  • Vision templates
  • Persona development
  • Analytics
  • Direct user feedback
  • Idea testing (Proof, Vote)

UX Concepting & Design


Compelling consumer-centered experiences and measurable business outcomes are intimately intertwined.

Best practices

  • Business Solutions Designers are skilled at interaction design techniques
  • Virtual prototypes
  • Holistic user journeys
  • User stories specify measurable outcomes
  • Mobile-first design / progressive enhancement
  • Responsive design

Rapid Build & Touch


Put working digital product into the hands of users and stake holders early and often, and with minimal initial investment, to garner continuous feedback.

Best practices

  • Interactive prototypes
  • Demos
  • Lean and Agile techniques

Metrics & Insights


Meaningful insights are powered by clear, up-front definitions of measurable business outcomes.

Best practices

  • “Definition of Done” includes measurements and validations
  • Leverage direct “real user” feedback techniques
  • Favor insights over data (analysis over reporting)

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