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Our Productive Edge team members were early activists in the blockchain community and we remain actively involved in its continued evolution. As a result, our team is uniquely knowledgeable about this complex and dynamic space, and we are well positioned to support any blockchain initiative you are pursuing or considering.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Consulting

  • Validate that blockchain is the right solution to the problem you are trying to solve
  • Evaluate ROI and trade-offs of using blockchain versus a more traditional solution
  • Help you navigate the many technology choices you have when considering a blockchain-based solution
  • If you're considering a token sale, help you prepare your white paper and other documentation
Blockchain Solution Implementation

Blockchain Solution Implementation

  • Develop your full-stack blockchain application or prototype, including:
    • Solidity smart contracts
    • All mobile and web interfaces
    • All third party integrations
  • Thoroughly test your solution and ensure that your smart contracts are ready for deployment to a production blockchain
Blockchain Incubator

Blockchain Incubator

  • If applicable, evaluate your initiative for inclusion in the Productive Edge Blockchain Incubator program

The PE Blockchain Incubator is designed to identify promising blockchain projects and apply our deep knowledge, seasoned development team, and broad resources to bringing those projects to market. To be considered for the program, any initiative must first undergo a thorough viability assessment by our team.

Talk with Our Team

The fastest way to a diagnosis, anytime, anywhere. MedCredits is the first blockchain powered platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide on a decentralized network

An easy-to-use, hassle-free platform for users to engage in the almost billion dollar ENS industry, and participate in the buying and selling of Etherium names by harnessing the power of the decentralized web.

Foreground is the only solution that connects advertisers and publishers on both the traditional internet and the rapidly growing decentralized web (web 3.0).

Understanding Blockchain

Blockchain is the underlying technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but its implications now reach far beyond virtual money. At its heart, a blockchain is a distributed ledger that ensures the immutable persistence of transactions between parties. With the more recent advent of “smart contract” platforms like Ethereum, blockchain allows those transactions to be fully automated, autonomous, and guaranteed to be reliable. This opens up a universe of opportunities in virtually every business domain.

Understanding Blockchain

The Benefits of Blockchain for Businesses

We’re taking blockchain outside the realm of finance and exploring its wider implications for businesses. Through this revolutionary technology, we’re helping our clients transform traditional business processes to reduce waste, remove friction, and reliably validate target outcomes.

Streamline internal processes

Streamline internal processes

Blockchain technology streamlines any transactional process by...
  • Eliminating the need for intermediaries
  • Increasing transparency
  • Establishing accountability
  • Ensuring consistency
In the process of approving or verifying completion of tasks (including contract signing, document verification, monetary transactions, etc.), the blockchain network facilitates the exchange of transactional information. By serving as a decentralized and reliable source of truth, blockchain applications can reduce dependence on organizations like banks, insurers, governments and other intermediaries.
Enhance the customer experience

Enhance the customer experience

Blockchain technology enables companies to provide increased efficiency and better information to their customers, by simplifying, automating, and bringing visibility to things such as...
  • Consumer goods provenance information
  • Contract approvals
  • Transaction verifications
  • Identity and asset management
...all instantaneously, saving customers time and delivering a better omnichannel experience. For example, a retailer can ensure that the source of a specific product is as-advertised - e.g. from an organic farm or a gluten-free facility - and can even expose the full provenance audit trail, so that a person can be confident in the nutritional details of their purchase.  Or an insurance company can register policy coverage details on the blockchain so a doctor can quickly check a person’s health insurance benefits and be assured that the coverages are accurate. The opportunities to improve customer experiences are endless.

Blockchain Use Cases



Retailers must implement market-responsive, multi-channel supply chain management strategies to remain competitive. This requires managing a distributed team, in multiple departments and multiple locations. Making any one change to product selection involves multiple processes, including:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Distributing
  • Marketing

Through the use of blockchain technology, leveraging smart contracts as a central source of truth, retailers can streamline processes involving these distributed teams and become more agile and responsive to market trends. When a new opportunity arises, leadership can use blockchain technology to notify members of these distributed teams and start the appropriate processes immediately. They can even connect devices to the blockchain to ensure task execution.



Musicians face a myriad of challenges today as digital assets become harder and harder to control. It is nearly impossible to ensure that artists and producers are paid for all potential applications of their work, including:

  • Personal use, through services like YouTube, iTunes or Google Play
  • Movie soundtracks
  • Streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora or Apple Radio

Through the use of smart contracts, blockchain technology can ensure musicians are compensated for their work. Musicians can leverage blockchain to place parameters around the use of their products, designating the cost of each use case. Should a movie producer decide to use the song in a film soundtrack, the producer would pay a predetermined amount for use according to the smart contract. The funds would then be distributed to the artist and all contributing parties according to the contract’s conditions.

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