Digital Strategy
Enabling and accelerating change across organizations and digital channels
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At Productive Edge, we believe that an enterprise's corporate culture and strategic vision, combined with data-driven analysis of industry and technology trends, form the fundamental building blocks for an effective digital strategy.

Partnering closely with enterprises, we rapidly deliver impactful results through our iterative Accelerated Edge Agile Methodology.

Through these concurrent efforts, we’re able to:

  • define top line revenue growth areas and their implications to operational efficiencies
  • identify new products and services
  • define new distribution channels and monetization strategies
  • highlight marketing transformation areas to identify, target and acquire customers
  • expose collaboration areas across ecosystem partners
  • identify process automation areas required to enable transformation
  • define opportunities to enhance supply chain
  • apply customer research and reimagined customer journey lens
Our Service Offerings
Digital Strategy and Roadmap

In this engagement, Productive Edge assists clients in shaping their digital strategy. Through in-depth research in relevant technology and industry trends, analytics, analyzing current corporate strategy and culture, Productive Edge works with your digital team in helping define the digital roadmap.

This engagement consists of:
  • Business Model and Operating Model strategy
  • ROI and business case definition
  • New Products and Services strategy
  • Clarity into the customer journey, while aligning teams around findings from customer research
  • Data and AI roadmap and strategy
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Customer Experience Strategy, Research & Design

We use a toolkit of customer experience design and evidence-based research methodologies to help organizations create experiences that work in service of connecting people and technology.

We’ll conduct a four-week research study with your customers to capture an understanding of their behaviors, motivations, goals, and aspirations to frame the best way to build products and services that can be seamlessly integrated into their lives.

Using the insights gleaned, we’ll conduct an accelerated two-week design sprint. Partnering closely with our clients throughout this process, we’ll rapidly iterate on solutions to quickly test and learn with your customers, and use those findings to build out an MVP and create a prioritized backlog for future implementation.

This service consists of:
  • Mapping your service or product’s ideal functional and technological future-state built based upon your customers’ needs
  • Defining a prioritized backlog of projects and associated tasks your organization receives complements future work in an easily communicable and manageable way
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Actionable Insights from Data

We’ll work closely with our clients to align on what data will be most impactful to the effort at hand and the organization as a whole for the near- and long-term.

We’ll use that understanding to locate, track, cleanse and integrate data towards feeding insightful and actionable findings to fuel decision-making throughout the organization.

This service will help your enterprise:
  • Come to a common agreement across your organization on data and its use
  • Analyzing data and present findings to aid in decision-making
  • Fast and quantifiable ROI that provides a distinct competitive advantage
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Digital technology continues to revolutionize the way customers research, plan and experience travel. With the emergence of new technology capabilities, the tourism industry has begun making significant investments in creating interactive and immersive experiences for customers during every phase of their journey. The following case study details how we collaborated with a popular observatory to infuse technology into the tourist experience.

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