Digital Experience Platforms

Enabling your business to provide better customer experiences
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Building experience platforms that fit your business needs

Customize your Digital Experience Platform by using our DXP team to implement a solution designed to achieve your business goals. Whether you're looking for an out-of-the-box DXP implementation or seeking to combine DXP features with external tools and applications, our team has you covered.

Platform Implementation and Modernization

Re-imagine and create a personally relevant user experience utilizing the advanced digital marketing, personalization, and AI capabilities of your DXP platform. Replatform from a custom CMS or entry-level DXP platform to an enterprise-level DXP. Mobile-optimized experiences Create a cloud-native solution that takes advantage of today’s flexibility and hyper scalability in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform Content audit and analysis Content modeling, migration, and author-friendly CMS architecture Operational governance and workflow

Complex System Integrations

Integrating your DXP with a variety of in-house and third-party applications, we combine systems that work together seamlessly to meet your business needs. Work with our team to discover integrations that will optimize your digital experience. Payment Gateways API Integration Legacy System Modernization Enterprise System Solutions

Marketing Optimization

Find out how to leverage Sitecore’s advanced marketing automation and personalization features to gain insight into and enhance your customer’s experience Marketing Automation Personalization Persona development and journey mapping Data-driven atomic content design Analytics Data Optimization Omni-channel content and experience strategy

Enterprise Search

Bring together content across your enterprise to enable visitors to have everything they need at their fingertips. We’ll help you determine the right search solution using one of Sitecore’s search providers, such as Solr, Azure Search and Coveo. We can also combine your Sitecore platform with external search providers, such as ElasticSearch, Lucidworks, or Google Cloud Search. Suggestive Search Dynamic Faceting Hit Highlighting Document Parsing Search Analytics Relevance Boosting Self-Learning Search Optimization Search strategy and enterprise tagging framework

Intranets and Portals

If you're already using Sitecore as your CMS or DXP system, our team can help you leverage the Sitecore platform to develop a custom intranet. People Directory and Search News and Announcements My Tools Calendar and Events Security Integration and Personalization Document Library Taxonomy and tagging Information Architecture Search / Knowledgebase

Sitecore Consultation Services

Evaluate Code Quality and Structure Site Performance Review and Optimization Sitecore Upgrades SEO Optimization Tool and Feature Recommendations Multi-site Hosting Strategy Automated Build and Deployment