Digital Acceleration & Strategy Create experiences, not applications. It’s time to see technology in a new light, putting customers at the center of digital transformation.

Own the Customer Experience

Think Digital First

Today's app-driven culture necessitates a customer experience strategy centered around digital experiences that are personalized, consistent and highly addictive. Our team helps organizations deliver tailored customer experience solutions on cutting-edge platforms.

Create Cohesive Experiences Across all Brand Touchpoints

In the age of IoT, delivering a consistent experience across multiple channels has never been more important. Our team leverages industry leading solutions - such as Sitecore, Liferay and Magnolia - to ensure a consistent experience across all connected devices. Leveraging these platforms, we enable brands to own, manage and customize all aspects of the customer experience.

Meet Your Customers in the Moment

Give your customers exactly what they want, when and how they want it. Our solutions leverage the power of Big Data to learn your customer's preferences and present them with personalized content. The result is a personal digital dialog between your brand and your buyer that is certain to elicit emotion and cause them to take action.

Adopt a Metrics-Driven Approach

The success of your digital transformation initiatives is dependent on making the right technology investments. Our digital strategies are informed by metrics that ensure we build the right solutions the right way. Our UX experts leverage data in order to develop personalized customer experience solutions based on what we know will cause your customers to engage, buy and keep coming back.

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Experts in Leading Customer Experience Platforms

Deep expertise in a variety of leading customer experience solutions makes our team the ideal digital transformation provider. Integrating these platforms with a variety of enterprise applications, our team delivers cohesive custom solutions that drive customer engagement and maximize ROI.

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Your End-to-End Development Partner

Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered

Delivering industry-leading apps requires a team that understands every step in the development process. Our team's expertise encompasses all parts of the software development lifecycle, from business strategy to delivery excellence. We start by understanding your business objectives, then translate them into scalable technology solutions and sustain your software with specialized ongoing support.









Productive Edge Labs

Productive Edge Labs are teams of dedicated emerging technologists who are obsessed with the latest and greatest in enterprise technology. They specialize in identifying and assessing the most cutting-edge technologies on the market and assessing their viability for our clients based on their business objectives. Whether your goal is simply to find out what technologies are on the horizon, or to apply the latest technology to your current objectives, our PE Labs team is the perfect partner. The work of our PE Labs teams spans a variety of emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and beyond.

Customer Experience and Virtual Reality

Customer Experience and Virtual Reality

Creating addictive customer experiences through Virtual Reality

Our Edge Experiential team uses Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality technology to design elegant applications that enhance the customer experience. We specialize in integrating real-world experiences with the virtual world, creating inspiring and addictive brand interactions.

Customer Engagement and Artificial Intelligence

Customer Engagement and Artificial Intelligence

Inspiring behavioral change through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Our team created an application leveraging Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform to monitor fitness activities. Using the accelerometer inside smart watches or mobile phones, the program was able to identify physical activities - such a lunges, lifts and jumping jacks - based on the user’s motion patterns. The application of this type of data can be used to recognize various other movements - allowing with a variety of exercises, it could be used to differentiate when the user is standing vs. sitting and identify sleeping patterns. This type of machine learning could be used to create some of the most revolutionary and potent behavioral change technology yet.

Customer Engagement and Artificial Intelligence

Data Security and Accessibility with Blockchain

Streamlining data transfer processes and eliminating the middle-man with Blockchain

Using Uber as a template, our team created a functional ride sharing app prototype on Blockchain using Ethereum smart contracts to facilitate transactions between the driver and passenger. Our team is currently developing Blockchain prototypes for enterprise organizations to streamline internal processes via Blockchain’s hands-free and highly secure data sharing capabilities.

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