Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to creating and maintaining equitable and inclusive environments
We address inherent biases and unfair disparities by valuing diversity in all forms and prioritizing racial, gender, cultural, and social equity. We remain focused on critically evolving our internal structures and policies to create meaningful and measurable change within our workforce, communities, and industry.

Centering Racial, Cultural, and Social Equity

Productive Edge is committed to embedding the principles of equity and inclusion in our operations and the solutions we offer. Internally, we maintain this commitment by strategically evaluating our processes, structures, and the ways in which we conduct business. Externally, we use our talents and resources to directly serve our communities and support organizations that address inequality. As we further our understanding of how to best engage with diverse enterprises, industries, users and their needs, we create experiences that improve people’s lives. Maintaining these commitments is an ongoing challenge, and one that we take on with purpose.

By centering racial, cultural, and social equity, our company leadership and employee-led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee address the inherent biases that contribute to unfair disparities in our workforce and communities. Through the critical evolution of our company culture, policies, partnerships, communication, hiring, career advancement practices, organizational processes, and hierarchies our journey of reflection and education continues.

As we embrace the value of diversity in all forms, we focus our efforts on measurable change for ourselves and a more inclusive industry. As compassionate lifelong learners, we seek to actively increase the diverse, inclusive, and equitable qualities of the market as a path to meaningful change.