Customer Experience
Reimagining customer engagement

We use a proven toolkit of design and research methodologies to create award-winning customer experiences. Our approach aligns people and processes within organizations and applies evidence-based research to deliver transformative solutions that improve people's daily lives.

Our Service Offerings
Alignment & Problem Framing

We work with organizations to ensure that a high level of connectedness is achieved with their customers, allowing them to work efficiently and effectively towards building the most customer-centric services possible.

This service consists of:
  • Through our customized organizational research and alignment workshops, we are able to gain a full understanding of both your organizational ecosystem and align on strategic efforts.
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Using the methodologies of customer-focused research, we are able to understand what your customer's journey is; what their behaviors, motivations, needs, and environmental contexts are; and how that relates to your organization and the individual disciplines that exist within it.

This service consists of:
  • This research will lead us to gleaning a deep understanding of your customers and how your business, product, or service plays a part in their life, as well as how we can use those insights towards creating solutions.
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We institute a series of methods that cultivate ideas on how to solve any issues identified in both our customer and organizational research, providing more cohesive processes that align with customer needs, goals, behaviors, and attitudes. We then work with key stakeholders to prioritize these ideas relative to the value provided to the organization and its customers while also considering the technological feasibility.

This service consists of:
  • Producing solutions that reimagine your customers’ experiences in a way that aligns closely to your organization
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Roadmapping & Piloting

With the prioritized list of solutions created in the Ideation Phase, we then create a plan to make these solutions a reality.

This service consists of:
  • Together, we will build a roadmap for the implementation of these changes over time, including a near-, mid-, and long-term strategy.
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Mobile user expectations are rising rapidly and organizations are failing to advance at the same pace. This results in disjointed experiences that leave users frustrated and seeking other means to accomplish their objectives.

Whether through creative direction and leadership, full design services, or working closely with your creative team, our goal is to create efficient and engaging user experiences that your consumers will love. We’ll not only deliver beautiful designs, but we’ll also validate them against user needs through our best-in-class design research services.

Companies try to incorporate customer experience strategy but they don’t know how it best fits into their organization.

We'll work with you to understand your organization's current level of customer experience maturity and align your current strategies to work toward an increasingly mature model.

Though many try, most enterprises don’t truly consider the entirety of their customers’ needs when creating products and services.

Taking into account both evidence-based customer research and insights from actionable data, we’re able to evaluate the touchpoints that exist within your customer journey and understand the needs that arise along the way.

Organizations tend to believe the misconception that Customer Experience Design & Strategy solely comprises the visual design, digital user interface and screen flows.

User interface design doesn’t equal experience. Visual design is an outcome of Customer Experience Design & Strategy. Using research as the basis for our strategic decision-making, we create experiences that become integral to customers' lives.

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Digital technology continues to revolutionize the way customers research, plan, and experience their trips. With the rise of a customer focus and the emergence of new technology capabilities, the tourism industry has prioritized creating interactive and immersive experiences for customers during every phase of their journey. The following case study details how we collaborated with a popular observatory to infuse technology into the tourist experience.

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