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Working at Productive Edge has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. Not only do I have a group of colleagues that support me, but I also have acquaintances who share common interests and hobbies.

Tory Fedder
Marketing Coordinator
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Competitive employee benefits package

Take a break from work with a friendly game of foosball

We love to enjoy our city's events, from jazz in the park to seasonal events

Enjoy lunch and learns with catered food and interesting employee-covered topics

Grab a snack or drink from the always-stocked kitchen

Show off your taste in music on our office-wide Sonos speaker

Free Beer!

Join colleagues in the kitchen after 4pm for your beverage of choice


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What we believe and continously strive to be
Consultant redefined

We believe bringing together our employees influences workplace creativity, so we strive for everyone to work in one central location. We’re not your typical consultancy. Tech lets us collaborate with experts and clients in all places, so you don’t have to pack your bags Monday - Friday and head to client sites.

LIFE work harmony

We work with amazing clients, creating cutting-edge solutions and expect our employees to be on their A-game to deliver when at work. However, we realize that work is a component of our life, not the focus of our life, and we believe that non-work (whatever it may be) is what drives happiness and commitment.

What Cubicle?

Your life shouldn’t be contained in a 4x4 box. We are great a what we do because we collaborate and interact with those around us. Relax on the couch, hang out in the kitchen, our office is your workspace.

The Daily Grind

The days of 9-5 are over, in a good way. We’ve been successful because we get things done. Our expectations are our employees are simple, and that is to collaborate and get things done. Adios punch card!

Work hard, Play hard

Celebrate often is our motto. Celebrate the success of others and the work accomplished. From quarterly outings, to weekly events, to just hanging around in the office after work, we celebrate with those around us for making our company great.

Constantly grow

From our interns up through our managing partners, we believe everyone has the opportunity to learn from each other. We run flat where our directors and partners are the front-line working with our team to ensure they are heard and have a clear growth plan in place. Yes, the door is always open.


Lesson learned are lessons to be taught. We believe having a mentor is a great way to foster growth and will work to match team members together.

Be creative

Hobbies and unique skills are shared and embraced by employees. Weekly Lunch and Learns give employees the opportunity to celebrate their passions and learn about new ones. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) demonstrate that work doesn’t have to be free from passion.