Case Study
Enhancing training and feedback for medical sales representatives

Outside sales representatives are known for their constant traveling and ever-changing schedules. As a result of this mobility, managers often lack the visibility needed to properly train and educate new employees. The following case study details how we partnered with a medical device and pharmaceutical enterprise to enhance an application for optimal employee training, communication, and data collection.


Medical device and pharmaceutical sales representatives are constantly on the go, visiting hospitals, medical offices, and physicians. While it is important for managers to be able to see updated metrics to provide feedback, the reality is that a lot of communication gets lost due to the unpredictability of the position. This is a large challenge for outside sales representatives in any industry, but particularly so for those in medical device and pharmaceutical sales because of the highly technical nature of products and services. Our client wanted a way to decrease communication issues while improving training, feedback, and coaching opportunities.


Our team worked with the client to heighten the capabilities of an employee mobile and tablet application. The application is able to capture a live screenshot of sales’ data, employee performance, and skills, providing complete transparency and visibility to managers. Should the need arise, managers are then able to offer feedback and in-app coaching to representatives, suggesting further trainings through presentations, product understandings, and more.


With decreased worry about the application’s stability and user experience, and improved communication through quick feedback and in-app coaching, our client’s sales representatives are able to focus on their role: selling products. Also, by moving the application to Azure-as-a-service, we were able to reduce costs and increase overall app scalability for our client.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Xamarin.Forms
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