Case Study
Connecting and simplifying retail operations and task management

Large retailers face many challenges managing stores and employees across hundreds of locations. As shopper expectations change and service-based priorities grow, brick-and-mortar retailers must operate all locations well in order to survive in the saturated industry. The following case study details how we created a digital solution to help large retailers improve their overall operations and task management processes.


In brick-and-mortar retail locations, consumers rely on the effective management of operations, employees, and inventory to find desired items and have a positive experience. With lack of visibility into individual stores and their capacities, corporate often unknowingly overloads locations with tasks they don’t have time to complete, causing undue stress for employees and frustration for customers. As managers try to keep up with corporate demand, associates typically get more work than they can handle, negatively impacting employee morale and ultimately the consumer experience.


ThinkTime committed to creating a task management application that would completely change the way HQ communicates with store managers and associates in locations country-wide. We heavily investigated store operations and mapped out key features that drive them. Focusing on user experience and reducing clunkiness of the application, ThinkTime designed an application that would deploy quickly, integrate easily with other programs, and have seamless mobile operation. Robust features like photo validation of tasks, real-time updates, and translations for 25 languages catapulted this program above other products.



As a result of the ThinkTime application, large retailers have already seen huge improvements in their operations and task management programs. Executives are able to forecast, assign and track work, and communicate all on a cloud-based innovative platform, providing complete transparency and reducing confusion. Communication to employees shifts as the retailer becomes more active and supportive of employee improvement and learning.

  • Microsoft .NET / Azure & AWS Cloud
  • Angular JS / MVC Framework
  • Xamarin.Forms Native Mobile
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