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Seamless Care Delivery: Transforming The Care Provider Experience

Revolutionizing Coordinated Care with Single-Pane Solutions



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A national health payer faced significant challenges in delivering coordinated care due to the need for a seamless and cohesive experience for care providers. With multiple custom applications and siloed information spread across different tools, care providers spent significant time navigating and stitching together information rather than delivering care. In response, Productive Edge conducted human-centered research and established a dynamic partnership with the client to create a single-pane solution.

The solution transformed the care provider experience by empowering them with the right digital tools and information. It improved care coordination and patient engagement, resulting in a more effective and trustworthy experience. To achieve this, Productive Edge analyzed recorded conversations and workflows of care providers, extracting 135 pieces of important health information needed daily. These pieces were then organized into groups and made available in a scalable and configurable solution.

With the implementation of the single-pane solution, 5,300 to 8,000 care providers had a new and improved experience. On top of that, 106,000 minutes were saved collectively per day, leading to a yearly cost savings of $3.62 million. This meant that care providers could spend more time where it mattered the most - with their patients. This improved the quality of care delivery, allowing patients to express their health concerns more effectively, resulting in better health outcomes.

In conclusion, the case study highlights the importance of creating a seamless and cohesive experience for care providers in delivering coordinated care. By analyzing and addressing the pain points in the current experience, Productive Edge was able to create a single-pane solution that improved care coordination, patient engagement, and saved time and money. This highlights the value of human-centered research and design in transforming the healthcare industry for the better.

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