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For digital marketers, Next Best Action (NBA) is the ability to deeply understand where a health consumer is in their health journey and use triggers to then deliver the right content while knowing the right channel and consumer preferences. The goal is to ensure members get the right message at the right time in the right channel and that the messaging is consistent across channels.


In order to get there, one must first transform their approach to content and also get to know the customer. As it stands, content creation is slow, siloed across channels, tedious, and disparate. Because of this, it is difficult to get content out to the customer. Even worse is the fact that chances are you don’t even know your customer well enough to properly leverage your content.
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When Engagement NEEDS to Become Personal

A regional enterprise client that is a healthcare payer part of an integrated health system was embarking on transforming their digital marketing initiatives. Their goal was to more easily engage members in ways that address evolving needs and expectations. This is part of their initiative to digitize and personalize member engagement and increase member retention

The client had a number of goals for this project. First, they wanted to align on moving into new territory with a new segment of customers. The second was to transition from print to digital to facilitate self-service for their consumers. The third was to tap into a wide variety of behavioral and interaction data to generate insights that allow the creation of triggers to drive the NBA.

Learning to Walk

To start, the client needed to align digital marketing initiatives to corporate strategic objectives. Accomplishing this required the development of a “crawl, walk, run” framework. From there, “walk” initiatives were optimized and operationalized by developing a future state content governance operating model along with future state tooling. “Walk” initiatives focused on the customer in order to build strong relationships through automated trigger-based dialogue. 

How was this accomplished? Productive Edge conducted interviews with individuals at the company about the future-state NBA marketing efforts workflow in order to glean a foundational understanding of the NBA operating model prior to the workshop. The teams came together to conduct a workshop where we outlined the current- and future-state operating model and aligned team members across business disciplines toward future-state, allowing Productive Edge to glean requirements for future-state tooling. 

We unpacked and documented the findings from the workshop to create a digitized version of the current- and future-state operational models for NBA. Based on the aligned on future-state, Productive Edge provided prioritized recommendations on tooling for content management, digital asset management, and workflow process tools.

In parallel, a data modernization effort was underway to allow the creation of Customer 360 data that will power the triggers that will eventually deliver the right content.

The End Result of a Hard Day’s Night

The content governance framework enables the payer to rapidly scale personalized communications into new regions and consumer segments. This produces personalized relevant conversations in the customer’s preferred channels. This aligns across the organization on NBAs, which can be leveraged from consumer insights and content insights into tailored actions that personalize communications. The future state operating model for content governance allows the organization to scale and expand into new regions and consumer segments that align with their internal goals.

Right Message, Right Person, Right Time