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Time is money. And when it comes to agents out in the field, that time is even more valuable. Because of this, it is easy to lose sight of what’s important while working in the field. Every minute wasted or thrown away can cause detrimental problems today and tomorrow. The answer isn’t to simply throw more money into training or accountability. The goal should be to work smarter. And that’s exactly what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable of delivering to any organization.

A Waste of a Minute
Our client managed dozens of agents in the field providing on-the-ground surveys throughout the day. Survey results and process adherence varied widely between agents. Traditional planning and estimation of results were leaving some agents with too much downtime. This downtime results in a decrease in productivity and an increase in waste. It costs money and drives down employee morale. In order to overcome this, Productive Edge engaged the client on multiple fronts in order to deploy AI to solve their problems.
PE Solutions Utilized
AI Strategy and Operationalizing AI

When AI Helps to Work Smarter

Just saying “AI” isn’t enough to solve a problem. While it is a valuable solution, it must be applied with care and finesse. So in order to achieve the goals of the client, Productive Edge leveraged anonymized historical data sets to train models. This was a simple first step, but it allowed for greater inoperability. 

From there, model predictions were integrated with a mobile app to be used in the field in order to gather live data. Having a strategy for AI is what makes this part of the process successful. AI is then operationalized and model predictions were integrated with admin dashboards to display predictions to back-office users in order to monitor and correct any oversight. These predictions include creating schedules that are proactive to the needs of the field agents in order to maximize time. Predictions based on data best provide opportunities to reduce downtime. On top of that, these models enabled by the app create more surveys to be produced.

Applying AI for Real Results

In the end, the organization achieved its goals. Operationalizing AI proved to be a valuable investment for the client. Because of this undertaking, they realized an improvement in the accuracy of predictions for survey results. This was a welcomed development. On top of that, there was an increased efficiency rate for field agents due to better prediction accuracy. Lastly, the client was able to ultimately increase the number of surveys generated and the area surveyed. Applying AI provides an incredible opportunity for organizations to elevate their business and realize their operational goals through predictive analytics. More work can be done and be streamlined in order to increase productivity and maximize financial goals. Digital transformation comes from knowing the best way to operate and improving the process of making decisions about where to go, how many agents to send, and how wide of a range to the radius to send the right number of people to work.

Predicting Survey Benchmarks for Field Agents