Case Study
Disrupting the tourism industry with immersive customer experiences

Digital technology continues to revolutionize the way customers research, plan, and experience travel. With the emergence of new technology capabilities, the tourism industry has begun making significant investment in creating interactive and immersive experiences for customers during every phase of their journey. The following case study details how we collaborated with a popular observatory to infuse technology into the tourist experience.


Travelers expect a continuous digital experience to ease any challenges, provide them with assistance, and enhance their journey. In order to stay on top of these demands, our client requested a digital solution that would fully engage visitors and elevate their overall trip through the observatory.


Our team collaborated with the client to understand the visitor journey as they navigated through the observatory center, exploring and evaluating various options to improve the customer experience with digital upgrades. After this investigation, we determined that visitors would benefit from an interactive experience that would virtually transport them to any city in the world. Through the use of hologram technology, we were able to create an experience with HoloLens so visitors could encounter more during their visits.


By utilizing the the influx of tourism traffic to the city during the winter season, our client was able to try out this new hologram technology in a custom-made installation. Amassing valuable data during the installation, the observatory center plans to use this information to make future technology decisions.

  • AR
  • HoloLens headsets
  • 360ยบ images
  • Unity
  • Custom sun filters
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