Case Study

Maximizing Productivity And Reducing Waste With Predictive Analytics

Maximizing Efficiency in the Field: A Case Study of AI in Surveying Operations



Strategy and Integration of AI

To overcome the problems faced by the client, Productive Edge leveraged historical data sets to train models, providing a simple first step towards greater interoperability. The models were then integrated into a mobile app for field agents to gather live data, and predictions were displayed on admin dashboards for back-office users to monitor and make necessary corrections. These predictions, based on the data gathered, improved the accuracy of schedules, reduced downtime and increased the number of surveys produced.


Operationalizing AI for Improved Results

The integration of AI proved to be a valuable investment for the client, resulting in improved accuracy of survey results and increased efficiency for field agents. The company was able to increase the number of surveys generated and the area surveyed, leading to higher productivity and maximization of financial goals. The deployment of AI provided the company with a valuable opportunity to elevate their business through predictive analytics and streamline their decision-making process.
The application of AI in the survey process provides organizations with the ability to improve their operational goals and achieve digital transformation. By knowing the best way to operate and make informed decisions, companies can increase productivity, reduce downtime and maximize their financial goals. The deployment of AI in the survey process can help organizations work smarter and achieve their desired outcomes.

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