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Optimizing communication and collaboration in the legal industry

Over the past few years, the legal industry has gone through a dynamic transformation to better equip their legal staff with the right information so they can more effectively communicate with clients. Legal organizations are implementing tools to more accurately analyze the market and their legal team to effectively drive and increase growth within their organization. The study below focuses on how Productive Edge collaborated with a leading legal organization to more effectively build their client base, optimize communication among employees, and drive growth across the company.


The legal industry as a whole has succeeded when individuals within their firm are able to pull in strong clients for legal work. Collaboration across lawyers has always been a challenge, mostly due to time constraints, but we found that by increasing collaboration across teams, especially different areas of law (focus areas), we were able to bridge the gap on specific client requests. A lawyer may have a long-term client relationship for a specific area of law, however, when approached for expertise or recommendations on non-practiced areas, he/she may not have a resource or trusted advisor to leverage.


Over the course of a few months, our team collaborated with our client to analyze the workflows and behaviors of users within the organization. Our findings confirmed many assumptions, those being siloed workstreams and limited collaboration both produced negative impacts. Upon confirming these workflows, we strategized on the personalization of content across each role to help users more effectively conduct their daily activities. These journeys, experiences and personalized workflows were all brought into one central Intranet collaboration portal. We leveraged Sitecore DXP to power the Intranet, which provides personalized experiences to thousands of attorneys across the US.  We developed the Intranet to easily allow marketing resources to quickly and securely send sensitive data and material to groups within the organization. We also introduced dynamic search capabilities, allowing users to easily source key information across the organization. The solution had multiple API integrations to external systems which allowed information from a variety of sources to flow into one central repository.


The Intranet platform (Sitecore) is now leveraged by over 2,000 lawyers across the US and is the primary tool driving communication from executives as well as across teams. Lawyers are able to more effectively manage their day as well as collaborate with other legal members. The system was built as a knowledge-base so lawyers were able to source expertise within the organization across all legal fields. Adoption rates drastically increased once employees knew they had a single-source system to leverage to manage their day.

  • Sitecore DXP
  • Coveo (Search)
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