Case Study
Enhancing in-home care with IoT & Smart Services

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are changing the way we live, across everything we do. The healthcare vertical has been very proactive in using IoT devices to gain stronger insights and analytics to their patients. One key area of focus is leveraging these tools to help prevent life-threatening conditions by proactively sending alerts to caregivers when abnormal data is found. The case study below details how our team leveraged IoT devices to help our client gain key insights into their patients, resulting in a drastic reduction of high-cost, life-threatening situations.


Healthcare organizations are continually looking for ways to reduce high costs and better predict patient conditions. Prior to IoT connected devices, caregivers were required to be onsite with patients to ensure medical conditions were stable, a process that was time-consuming, expensive, and often left gaps in coverage. Providers knew if they could proactively predict life-threatening conditions, they could provide the care needed to stop it.  


Our team collaborated extensively with our client to analyze and document the caregiver-to-patient experience. We documented manual, time-consuming tasks and also found opportunities to minimize existing coverage gaps. We developed an in-home “smart home” connected application that leveraged a number of IoT devices (motion sensors, medical tools, etc) to continually send data to caregivers. A mobile application was developed for both caregivers and patients to communicate and share detail in real-time.



Through the use of these cutting-edge IoT solutions, we were able to bridge the coverage gap and increase visibility for caregivers to be able to recognize life-threatening conditions. Caregivers have access to live data for all their patients and are now able to provide more accurate care, thus preventing life-threatening situations.

  • IoT Sensors
  • IoT integration with medical tools
  • .NET (Dashboard)
  • iOS / Android (Mobile Application)
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