Case Study
Delivering wellness value to the insurance industry

The wellness industry is no longer limited to gyms, diets and vitamins. The $3.7 trillion giant continues to fuse with previously-overlooked fields as consumers become increasingly receptive to adopting new methods and technology that positively affect all aspects of their health and life. The following case study details how we partnered with a large wellness enterprise to create an application that would benefit both insurance providers and customers.


Our client noticed that the insurance industry lacked the health focus that many others prioritized and wanted to take advantage of the market gap.  


We partnered with the enterprise to envision a digital application that would reward insurance policyholders for healthy living through a custom-built program. Members utilize the platform to become active, quit bad habits, eat and sleep better, and take many other steps to improve their health. As an incentive, users receive rewards by completing tasks like losing weight or quitting smoking, including merchandise discounts, rewards from global partners, and a spin of the prize wheel designed to bring excitement to their digital experience.  

As an added benefit, members do not have to dramatically change their routines in order to adopt usage, since our team developed integrations with the most popular ļ¬tness tracking solutions like Garmin, FitBit, Apple Watch and TomTom. We also formed a relationship with Apple that promotes winning an Apple Watch by completing certain healthy activities for a year. Inputting bib information from running a 5k or marathon is just one simple way that customers could easily integrate these habits in with their lifestyle.


This project brought benefits to every party involved. Users found motivation to live healthier lives while earning prizes, and health insurance carriers found reduced payments from having healthier policyholders. Beyond this enterprise, the application we created has been white-labeled to other Fortune 1000 healthcare organizations who want to bring this solution to their customers.

  • Digital Experience Platform
  • Internet of Things Device Integration
  • Clinical Data Integration
  • Modern Enterprise Mobility
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