Case Study
Accelerating digital and tech adoption in the insurance industry

While the insurance industry is well-established and excels at remaining competitive among providers, it often lags behind other industries in the area of digital innovation. The following case study details how we partnered with a large health insurance provider to find digital solutions for their business needs.


Insurance providers are beginning to initiate technological improvements to their business model to win new and retain current customers while staying relevant and competitive. Our client wanted to begin integrating more advanced marketing tech solutions to enhance data robustness while providing the ability to segment audiences and target groups based on preferences, demographics, and more. Because the insurance enterprise is primarily located in one state, having the capability to customize messaging based on location was particularly important to the marketing team.


We first collaborated with our client to conduct a top-down discovery phase of their current technology. This investigation allowed our team to see how the organization was using their digital experience platform, Sitecore, as well as how we could improve it. As a result of Sitecore’s extensive ‘context marketing’ and personalization capabilities, we were able to meet our client’s end goals by formulating a robust plan to activate personalization in Sitecore to its fullest potential.


Through the installation and configuration phases, the enterprise was able to collect ongoing data. Data scientists have since sifted through this information and are in the process of analyzing it to predict which users to target. They have also been able to create KPIs and specific activity tracking to best utilize the platform's capabilities. End goals the enterprise has successfully mapped out through the configuration and stabilization phases are: 1) Predict which groups retire and enroll in Medicare soon after turning sixty-five; 2) Determine which users have an inclination to use digital communication, like chat or social media, versus physical communication techniques; and 3) Understand which users would benefit from a cost estimator tool, so they can make that tool readily available from them.

  • Sitecore 8.2
  • Sitecore xDB
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