Case Study
Redefining healthcare patient monitoring through mobile solutions.

A countless number of Medicaid recipients depend on their healthcare provider for long-term support services, including in-home care, assisted nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities. The quality of care depends on the tools providers are equipped with and the time they spend with their patient. Through advancement in mobile technology and smart services, the process to monitor and care for patients has greatly improved, resulting in a revived shift in providing optimal care to those in need. Technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Xamarin.Forms are used by the Productive Edge team to build scalable mobile app solutions in a relatively short period of time. Our team recently completed a new Xamarin forms/Azure application for a Fortune 500 healthcare provider that has drastically changed the ability to provide care as well as better monitor caregivers to increase operational effectiveness.


Caregivers were required to visit a set number of patients on a daily basis to perform a series of tests and document activity to comply with Medicaid regulations. Their documentation processes were all manual and time-consuming which resulted in the caregiver not being able to spend adequate time with each patient. Additionally, due to manual processes, documentation was not fully secure so our client knew they needed to rethink the overall process to ensure patients received the right attention and caregivers were able to capture the most accurate information.


Through collaboration with the client, our team developed an entirely new enterprise native mobile reporting application, one that completely automated key aspects of the caregiver-to-patient journey. A variety of user experience (UX) sessions were conducted to identify optimizations in the caregiver-to-patient workflow which resulted in a new, streamlined way to capture information. Our mobile team leveraged Microsoft’s Xamarin native mobile platform to develop a cross-platform (iOS and Android) native application to be used by all caregivers. The application was developed to use native functionality such as touch ID, photo capture, GPS, maps, and document storage to effectively automate the documentation processes required during the patient visit.



In a period of six weeks, Productive Edge was able to build a secure and scalable mobile app that completely changed the impact of the caregiver-to-patient relationship. It also allowed our client to more effectively manage its caregivers through detailed analytics and mapping. In addition to a drastic reduction in the time required to perform each visit, our client has seen a significant reduction in operational costs. Most importantly, the additional time with each care recipient has improved the overall morale of patients, making them more receptive to caregivers’ recommendations and advice, leading to healthier outcomes.

In 2017, Microsoft awarded Productive Edge as the Partner of the Year finalist for the development of this application. Our team continues to add new functionality to improve the caregiver/patient journey.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • .NET (Dashboard)
  • Xamarin.Forms
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