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Delivering coordinated care requires the seamless availability of role-specific contextual information and relevant actions in a single experience for care providers. When digital experiences make that difficult, it creates friction between the focus on delivering care versus the amount of time wasted working within tools.
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When the Care Provider Experience Suffers

Years of custom applications and experiences developed made delivering a single cohesive and smart experience difficult for a national health payer. The current care provider experience involved navigating multiple tools each with siloed information that had to be stitched together throughout the various care delivery touchpoints.

Sources of information lacked structure and relevancy for various roles. The result of this is a lack of trust amongst providers. The common practice is for nurses and care providers to compensate by keeping notes on individual computers or notebooks. However, this brought up a new load of problems as recording and organizing notes put a strain on the already limited time spent with patients. 

Another vital issue was that these sources for information pertinent to the patient (health notes, last time checked on, medications, etc) did not cater to the different types of care providers. A care provider with one specialty would need different kinds of health information than one with another specialty. The tools did not account for this, leaving the care providers with too much of some types of data and not enough of other types simultaneously. Because of this, a lot of time was wasted that could have been spent providing more attentive care to the patient instead. 

A reset to a single pane of glass was needed and required determining workflow actions by role and relevant insights and information that enabled care providers to deliver frictionless healthcare experience.

Creating a Winning Experience

In order to alleviate the problem at hand of having multiple apps that provided a poor experience with a lack of data in a singular place, Productive Edge conducted human-centered research and established a dynamic partnership with the client. 

We obtained aggregate data for a more holistic view of the customer and incorporated clinician insights and feedback into the design process. The end result empowered employees and clinicians with the right digital tools. With an aim at improving the experience of care providers and patients, we implemented a solution that transformed the care provider’s experience. This included care coordination, patient engagement, and data integration. 

In order to accomplish this, we replayed recorded conversations in order to unpack opportunities for change. Screenshots from each of the care providers’ digital workflows were printed and mapped, which showed us every single page they used and how they used them. In the end, we extracted 135 pieces of health information they needed on a daily basis. Those pieces were then organized into groups such as “contact information,” “medication history,” and “insurance benefits.” 

After identifying the important data points, we got to sketching. Our solution had to be scalable for the future and configurable by each care provider. Different care providers need different information, so it was imperative to display the right amount of information at the right time.

Saving Time and Money

Together we created something trustworthy and effective, enabling care providers to spend more time where it matterswith their patients. This meant that 5,300-8,000 care providers have a new and improved experience. On top of that, 106,000 minutes collectively were saved per day. This resulted in a yearly cost savings of $3.62 million. Ultimately, it meant more time for patients to express their health concerns to the care providers resulting in better patient outcomes. 

Better CX, Better Healthcare