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Optimizing retail operations through user experience personalization

Retailers are continually faced with ensuring their employees are equipped with the right knowledge and information to facilitate conversations and transactions with customers. As consumer demand for detailed information grows, retailers have been tasked with streamlining communication to effectively ensure the entire consumer experience is successful. Not having proper or automated workflows can be a huge detriment to an organization's success. Intranets are no longer static content repository; they have evolved into a single-source solution for employees to quickly and easily find relevant information. The study below details a revitalization story of a corporate Intranet strategy for a Fortune 1000 retailer that focused on its employees to ensure the right information was provided to them.  


Consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Consumers have the power to research information so their expectations are that when interacting with experts (store employees) they will be as knowledgeable, if not more, and be able to guide them in their journey. We’ve found across numerous retailers, especially retailers with 100+ stores, that workflows are not optimized to meet this time-sensitive consumer demand. Organizations have invested in tools to improve operations, but they have not thoroughly analyzed their employee journey to ensure they are being effectively used.  Successful organizations are now taking a step back to analyze the user (employee in this case) journey to better personalize it and ensure the right information is being put in front of said user. Organizations that do not invest in understanding this critical component are jeopardizing a key part of their business that will ultimately bleed over into the loss of sales and revenue. Lastly, employees don’t want to be in an environment where they feel lost so it’s crucial organizations spend the time to get to know their users and develop to their needs.


Our team collaborated extensively with our client to analyze and document current vs ideal user experience workflows. Ultimately, we found a number of areas that were manual and time-intensive with broken flows that made the employee experience cumbersome. Our team delivered a new journey map for each user type across the organization. Once this was completed, we leveraged the power of Sitecore (digital experience platform) to implement a technical solution that was easy to manage along with personalization elements that matched each user journey. We built the system for marketing resources to easily manage content across the organization and conduct detailed analytics of use across each user group. This gave the marketing team insight into future modifications and ways to continually better their employee experience.



The Intranet platform (Sitecore) is now leveraged by over 800 stores across the United States and is the primary tool driving communication from corporate executives down to store managers and employees. The platform has turned into a single source for employees to easily find information and perform their role responsibilities. Additional components, such as recognition, career advancement, bulletins, and training, have been continually incorporated into the platform to increase employee satisfaction. In collaboration with our client, we listened to the voice of the end user and were able to drastically improve operations across the entire organization.

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