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Unleash your MarTech investments to drive personalized customer engagement

Modernize Your Digital Workforce

The digital landscape has changed from grouped customer types to genuinely personalized content. Consumers now expect personalized digital experiences. Traditional MarTech companies have responded and evolved from offering web content management to rich Digital Experience Platforms (DXP).

As companies shift to business models that are highly customer-centric, the marketing function continues to gain strategic responsibility. Marketing is now responsible for defining the end-to-end customer journey and for delivering consistent and personalized content across digital experiences beyond the traditional company website. As a result, customer engagement strategies now start with marketing and are led by marketing as an enterprise-wide initiative.

DXPs bring together web content management, digital asset management, eCommerce, customer data platforms, intelligent activation, and marketing automation into one connected and integrated platform.

Enabling Personalization with Productive Edge

Work with developers, CX architects, data architects, and marketing automation experts at Productive Edge to enable personalization in your digital marketing—we leverage powerful, scalable platforms to deliver seamless cross-channel touchpoints across complex customer journeys. Everything from known and unknown user segmentation, customer data intake and architecture, even content strategy and messaging for email marketing, SMS, and in-app notifications.

Our developers and digital marketing strategists work with you to customize a MarTech strategy connected to your enterprise-wide goals. Whether standing up a CDP or CRM or integrating with your DXP, CMS, or data warehouse—we’ll assess your MarTech stack and current processes and map to an optimized, automated digital operating model. Then, working closely with your IT and Marketing teams, we’ll create a low-maintenance, high-impact solution for personalized digital marketing.

Leverage customer data and insights to create customized experiences for your customers.

Target customers at vital conversion points, upsell, and keep them engaged with automated messaging. We’ve implemented marketing automation and personalization solutions for companies at every maturity level to guide customers through the conversion journey and establish a closer relationship between them and your brand.

MarTech Strategy

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Make multichannel personalization real for your business

We’ve put together a customer experience personalization resource page full of insightful eBooks, articles, whitepapers, videos, and more that cover multichannel personalization from end to end.
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Digital Experience Platforms & MarTech