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Enable citizen developers with self-service tools and support their work with a digital workforce
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Modernize Your Digital Workforce

We understand that the modern workforce is constantly changing. Digital-first business models and customer-centric frictionless operations require investment in a digital workforce that augments and supports the human workforce. It also means that makers like citizen developers, business analysts, and power users in the enterprise need to be enabled with modern self-service tools that accelerate the intelligent automation of key processes and the creation of experiences and insights.

The right enterprise automation strategy deploys a digital workforce while also enabling self-service for the human workforce through investments in intelligent automation, low-code no-code tools, automated machine learning, and automated data insights.

Productive Edge provides an enterprise automation strategy. Our core services include
- Tooling and technology strategy
- Operational governance that supports and enables makers
- Citizen training and communications
- Nurture and adoption strategy
- Engineering and deployment
- Center of Excellence strategy

Intelligent Automation

Our team completes a total analysis and evaluation of your organization’s process efficiency, Intelligent Automation needs, and potential AI benefits. This gives you a clear understanding of how to implement Intelligent Automation or RPA across your company. Productive Edge identifies opportunities that reduce internal friction, such as barriers to adoption, and helps enable faster incorporation of the technology. This includes discerning organizational maturity and readiness to leverage existing capabilities or pursue identified opportunities.
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Low-Code No-Code Web and Mobile Apps

Low-code no-code tools turn over development to citizen users instead of professional software developers. These applications can be implemented quickly, and typically cost much less than custom-developed software. Now, enterprise users can go from providing requirements to building apps.

Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning also referred to as automated ML or AutoML automates the very time-consuming and iterative task of developing machine learning models. Now, developers and data engineers can also develop machine learning models.

Automated Data Analytics

It’s not about having data, it’s about generating and using insights at scale. Modern data analytics tools automate the generation of insights from any dataset. Now, power users can go from querying, reporting and data manipulation to rapidly generating and embedding insights into applications.
Insights and Perspectives
Applying technology at the speed of innovation has become a strategic priority for every business across all industries in order to meet growing consumer expectations.
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