Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Better Business Decisions with Big Data

Data and analytics are the tools that transform opinions into facts, guiding your organization to make winning decisions. Machine learning has now enabled predictive analytics, providing an unprecedented “window into the future” so you can anticipate impending challenges and capitalize on imminent opportunities.

Productive Edge is helping organizations leverage state-of-the-art Big Data and machine learning technologies to solve a wide array of business challenges - from advanced marketing, to risk identification and mitigation, real-time transactional algorithmic processing, cognitive computing and human-computer interaction.

Big Data Services

Big Data Use Case: Maximize Marketing ROI

Marketers are pressed to maximize their advertising ROI. With the constant evolution of AdTech and MarTech, marketing organizations can’t afford to fall behind. Productive Edge's Big Data Marketing Services enable organizations to harness the most cutting edge technologies to reach the right customers at the right time, and dramatically increase their marketing ROI.

Big Data Services

Media Buying

Modern marketing teams face new challenges in increasing brand awareness with consumers. As traditional mediums, such as television and radio, experience diminishing viewership, new approaches are required to effectively reach target audiences. Productive Edge will help your organization reach the customers that are most interested in purchasing your products and services - right when and where they want them.

Big Data Services

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation allows you to identify subgroups of your consumers that share characteristics. A wealth of knowledge can be discovered within these segments, allowing you to pinpoint your best and most profitable current and potential customers.Productive Edge will help your organization find previously unknown customer segments, allowing you to create highly targeted advertising content and increase marketing campaign ROI.

Big Data Services

Marketing Campaign Measurement

Organizations need to understand how marketing campaigns affect their bottom line. The high costs and lead times for acquiring sales data can make it difficult to quantify the sales generated by specific marketing campaigns. Productive Edge will help your organization determine which advertisements generated specific online or offline sales. With these measurements, your marketing team will be able to adjust their strategy mid-campaign, focusing dollars spent on the most profitable customer segments.

Big Data Services

Advanced Marketing Analytics

Most organizations today have the capabilities to determine what has happened in the past, however lack the power to determine what will happen in the future. Employing the power of predictive analytics, Productive Edge will help you increase sales. We can predict when your prospects are likely to become loyal customers and help you make informed decisions about advertising investments.

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Our Tools of Choice:
Cloud-Native Big Data Technology

Productive Edge leverages cloud-based infrastructure for many of their big data solutions. As a registered Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, the Productive Edge team remains abreast of emerging trends and services, and present their clients with the best solutions to their specific data-related objectives.

Our team has deep expertise leveraging leading cloud platform services for data storage and processing, including Amazon S3, Elastic MapReduce, Redshift, Kinesis, Lambda and others. The Productive Edge team also has extensive experience with leading business intelligence platforms for operational reporting, such as Tableau and Power BI.

Big Data Solutions On Amazon Web Services
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The Benefits of Cloud:
Cost Effective Solutions

Traditional data warehouses, or even Hadoop clusters, are expensive and difficult to maintain, as traditional hardware needs mean scaling compute and storage at the same time. Building a big data solution with Productive Edge using Amazon Web Services has two key benefits:

Big Data Solutions On Amazon Web Services

Compute and storage needs can be decoupled and cost effectively scaled as needed

Big Data Solutions On Amazon Web Services

Using a serverless model allows you to flex your capacity on demand as your analytical needs change.

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