Redefining Mobility

Mobile strategy

Mobile is no longer just another interaction channel, it has quickly become the central-core that binds all other channels together. Mobility is starting to mean more than remote wireless access and is beginning to be defined from the perspective of access flexibility and seamless transitions between every possible channel of interaction and every type of device.

The Productive Edge in mobile strategy means being a step ahead of your competition by redefining the way interactions are managed across channels. Software applications and services can no longer be designed with specific screen sizes in mind. New models must be used that first describe how your applications and services adapt to size and context. Users want to move seamlessly between devices of all shapes and sizes from tiny watch faces to big screen TVs and everything in between. And some devices like the Amazon Echo don’t even have a screen. Navigating this new world of interactive diversity requires sophisticated planning by cross-functional teams with rich experience across platforms.

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Apps for the Wrist!

Apps for the Wrist!

Smart watches are catching on fast. These tiny screens provide new opportunities for users to interact with your apps and web services. The mobile experts at Productive Edge have built some of the most innovative watch apps in the industry. Great watch apps provide glanceable, actionable and responsive interaction with your mobile app and the services behind it. Android Wear 2.0 and WatchOS 3.0 are reinventing this exciting segment with amazing new capabilities. Contact our Sales Team today to learn more about our unique experience on the wrist.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps

Few inventions have changed how people live, play and work as much as the iPhone. What Steve Jobs started in 2007 has quickly evolved into two incredible smart phone platforms (Android and iOS) that compete against one another for the benefit of consumers and businesses worldwide. Mastering the smartphone platform requires tremendous planning to successfully accommodate hundreds of screen sizes, aspect ratios and resolutions across varied user expectations for iOS vs Android. Our mobile engineers have mastered memory management and data conservatism principles as well as smart data caching strategies so that your app will run smoothly and efficiently in any situation. Contact us today to find out how our approach can make all the difference for your next project.

Apps for Tablets and Large Phones

Apps for Tablets and Large Phones

The line is quickly blurring between large smartphones and tablets but the key is that there is a now a huge range of device capabilities, processor speeds and other factors that must be considered during the architecture and engineering process for mobile apps. Our mobile app designers have mastered dynamic layout techniques to ensure your apps will look great everywhere. At Productive Edge, we work very hard to make sure our clients apps look beautiful, respond quickly and present information in the most appropriate way no matter the target device. Let us show you how our process to define apps by components and features rather than screens can save time and money as your company aims to support mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. Email or call us today.

Native Desktop Apps

Native Desktop Apps

Personal desktop computers used to be the primary target for most software applications. Improvements in web browsers and Internet speeds shifted much of that development to web applications that run in the cloud. When companies tried to take the same approach to mobile applications, they quickly realized that native mobile apps have many significant advantages. Although a website application might be sufficient for your needs, a native desktop application could provide additional features, performance, security or brand value. At Productive Edge, we see the desktop as just another mobile platform with a bigger screen where the same techniques of dynamic layout and modular design apply. Email us to schedule an exploratory session with our cross-functional mobile and web teams to determine whether a native desktop app could benefit your project today.

Apps for TV

Recent developments in tvOS and AndroidTV are beginning to shed light on what is bound to become the next important channel for companies to consider. At Productive Edge, we envision an immediate future where users will want to interact with your services seamlessly across devices. Users will expect similar experiences and capabilities across channels but will also expect to be able to use more than one platform at the same time for expanded functionality. The advent of the TV App Stores presents one of the greatest opportunities for your company to engage with your users in the comfort of their homes, in the productivity of their conference rooms and on the big stage of their minds. Find out how your next channel might be the most important channel of all by calling Productive Edge today.

Voice Device Apps Voice Device Apps

Voice Device Apps

The Amazon Echo (Alexa) and the Google Home will redefine how consumers and business users interact with applications. Unlike smart watches, this new breed of voice controller devices don’t even have a screen. Designing and programming apps for this compelling new platform requires a deep understanding of both the limitations and the sheer possibilities. Productive Edge is at the forefront of developments in this area and is ready to help your company say "Hello" at the speed of sound. Contact us today to learn how your services can be consumed by voice.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Apps

Tiny screens, small screens, tablets and TV’s all restrict our view to a two-dimensional flat space. Recent advancements in Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are opening up a whole new world of possibilities in interaction for your users. Imagine starting with an infinite space rather than a 4 inch by 6 inch canvas when designing the user interface for your next application. The ability for your users to keep multiple screens in view and interact with that content as if it were floating in physical space will yield unimaginable operational efficiencies for your company. If this all seems like science fiction and not applicable to your business, think again. In one form another Virtual Reality will change our world as we know it and redefine how work gets done. You owe it to yourself to contact Productive Edge and find out more even if only to make sure you aren’t missing the next big thing.

Virtual Reality Apps

Microsoft HoloLens: Whitepaper

Microsoft HoloLens is a new type of mixed-reality (MR) wearable headset. It is not an accessory or a peripheral, but a completely stand-alone device. The breakthrough HoloLens technology is expanding the already far-reaching implications of MR for businesses. Learn more about this exciting emerging technology and what it could mean for your organization.

Microsoft Hololens

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Internet of Things Apps

What if your users didn’t have to use a watch, a computer or a phone at all to interact with your company’s applications and services. What if the things your users are tracking, monitoring and observing simply communicated with your servers directly and what if your servers communicated back in new ways. On the data input side, what if your users could simply tap a button on the wall, like an Amazon Dash to register some event or trigger some activity? What if the insoles in your employees shoes could automatically communicate where they’ve been and for how long? What if a user could simply stand on a scale to input their weight or what if a truck just had to arrive at the dock for hundreds of product locations to update themselves? On the output side, what if lights turned on or off to signify an event or what if intercom systems and phone calls could push important reporting information to users when they need it most? It has been said that sensors are the future. Pulling information from the environment is not only more efficient, it is also less prone to error and neglect. Pushing information to your users in new and exciting ways could have tremendous positive impact on your bottom line. Call the IoT specialists at Productive Edge today and get ready to take your business beyond the browser.

Text & Chat Bot Apps

Text & Chat Bot Apps

In a world full of noise, your business must provide every possible touch point to your users if you want to maximize engagement with your applications and services. Consumers and business users alike spend a great deal of their time on chat apps like Google Hangouts, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others. These companies are now working on APIs that will allow businesses to build chat bots or messaging extensions to their mobile apps and web services. The experts at Productive Edge can help your business navigate these new opportunities and build tools to engage with your users whenever and wherever they may want to interact with your business or its applications. Security is the most important factor in opening up access to your applications through third party chat apps. Contact Productive Edge today to find out how your company can be on the cutting edge of this important trend with a secure strategy that your users will appreciate.

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