UX Design

User Experience: Why It Matters

UX defines the conversation between your business and your users. That’s why we put users at the center of our development methodology. Through analytics and insights, we empower you to drive the conversation and build meaningful experiences that will impress users and achieve your business goals.

Did you know...

By 2020

User Experience will overtake price and product as key brand differentiators

70% of consumers

learn about a company through their blog rather than ads.

52% of users

report that a bad mobile experience makes them less likely to interact with the brand.

Our UX Services



UX experts work closely with the design team to create an intuitive layout for each screen
Clickable Prototypes

Clickable Prototypes

Test out your user’s journey and refine requirements before sending your application into development
Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Deliver relevant information to users by developing an intuitive structure for your application’s content
Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Guide users to their intended destinations by strategically defining interactive elements of the page
Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Align your business goals with your customer’s journey through carefully crafted, concise and relevant content
Personas & User Journeys

Personas & User Journeys

Learn your customers' behaviors and create customfit online experience designed with them in mind
User Research

User Research & Testing

Examine your user’s journey through continual analytics and insights ensuring a smooth user experience
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Explore your options

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Our Approach

Analysis & Hypotheses UX concepting & design Rapid build & Touch Metrics & insights

Analysis & Hypotheses


Devise testable assertions and experiments by combining top-down, judgment-driven evaluations with bottom-up, data-driven insights.

Best practices

  • Stakeholder / SME interviews
  • Vision templates
  • Persona development
  • Analytics
  • Direct user feedback
  • Idea testing (Proof, Vote)

UX Concepting & Design


Compelling consumer-centered experiences and measurable business outcomes are intimately intertwined.

Best practices

  • Business Solutions Designers are skilled at interaction design techniques
  • Virtual prototypes
  • Holistic user journeys
  • User stories specify measurable outcomes
  • Mobile-first design / progressive enhancement
  • Responsive design

Rapid Build & Touch


Put working digital product into the hands of users and stake holders early and often, and with minimal initial investment, to garner continuous feedback.

Best practices

  • Interactive prototypes
  • Demos
  • Lean and Agile techniques

Metrics & Insights


Meaningful insights are powered by clear, up-front definitions of measurable business outcomes.

Best practices

  • “Definition of Done” includes measurements and validations
  • Leverage direct “real user” feedback techniques
  • Favor insights over data (analysis over reporting)

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